How To Beat The Bookies In 2016

Welcome to Beat The Bookies, on this site you will find a selection of bookies offers and betting strategies which will help you win at online bookmakers. Everyone wants to make some easy money and gambling is one of the best ways to do it but you need to know what you’re doing as its your own money at risk. Thats why were here to help out, we’ve got years of betting experience and have tried and tested plenty of betting strategies, only on this site you’ll find reputable bookmakers and real working strategies.

Top 10 Offers To Beat The Bookies With

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About This Site

The sole reason why this site was created was to give back to the betting community, all to often people try to keep their tips and strategies to themselves as no one wants to share the wealth. However thats not the case with us we’re a pair of bettors who want to see other people win. Betting is getting more and more difficult to win as and trying to implement strategies can sometimes seem difficult especially for the new bettors as the terminology can be quite difficult to understand and this is why this site was formed to simplify betting and get you on the winning streak you long to be on.

So were here to take things back to basic and make things easy to understand so that both the experienced and beginner bettors can understand.

Recent Betting Strategies

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How to bet on Australian sports

If you are new to the concept of using free bets over the Internet, the following information will help you select an Australian online bookmaker and provide you with some

Recent Betting Tips

Can You Make Money From Betting

Some that is asked by many people nowadays, is it even possible to make money from gambling. Well we say yes it is however there is definitely a learning curve involved. Like with all things you can’t just walk into betting and start winning, yes you may get a few lucky punts but if you want to win consistently you need to do a bit of ground work first but thats where we come in. Below you’ll find a few tips on what you can do to really maximise how often you win and the amount you can win. So of course you can win at betting and don’t let anyone else say anything different to you about it, just follow the guides and tips on this site and you’ll be well on your way!

Yes it will be difficult and yes you may lose some money along the way but if you follow our strategies and our betting tips then we can guarantee that you will come out on top!

Compare The Odds

Nowadays there is a lot more bookmakers both online & offline for you to choose from meaning that you’ve got the chance to look around for the best potential odds and offers. Back when the internet didn’t exist the only choice you had was which ever bookies was closest however with the invention of the internet and smart phones you can do it from almost anywhere in the world.

Before placing a bet you should always see if there are any offers currently available which you havent claimed, we will have a host of different offers shown on our Bookies Offers page should you want to check them out. Once you’ve claimed all the offers available the best thing you can do is check each bookmaker individually and see what odds they’ve currently got on offer. You can also take a look at our best online bookies page where we rate and give a small explanation as to why we thing they deserve that ranking.

Depending on the sport that you want to bet on sometimes its best to find bookmakers from countries that don’t follow the sport as much an example of this is if you bet on the NFL try looking at the odds of a UK bookmaker where its not as popular because they may price the odds a lot better. This also applies the opposite way so make sure you research your odds before making a bet if you want to really maximise your winnings.

Claim Those Bonuses

To really beat the bookie you will definitely want to take any bonus of that you can find, the bigger the better and you’ll always want to go for the maximum amount otherwise you will just be wasting whats on offer. Once you’ve claimed your you wont get a second one so always go for the maximum amount as this will give you more money to bet with meaning you can make bigger bets and more of them.

Once you’ve signed up for the account you should always make sure that you’ve opted in for promotional communication. Yes it can be a bit annoying sometimes but if you don’t you wont be told about what else is on offer. A lot of times bookies will offer reload bonuses which will give you even more money to bet with after signing up.

Research The Sport

Unfortunately in order to make money from betting you’ll need to work at it, sports betting is all about form understanding the history of events and looking at previous statistics the more you read into it the better the edge you will have and thats what winning is all about, getting the edge over to benefit yourself. On the odd time you’ll find that the bookmaker has made a mistake if you notice it then this will allow you to take advantage of and make some serious money.

Its not often that bookmaker will make a mistake on the mainstream sports like football, horse racing, tennis etc. However will lesser known sports such as swimming, water polo, darts there is not as much emphasis on this and mistakes will be made.

However if you don’t know all that much about the less popular sports then you should always go with what you know best at, even with the bookmakers knowledge over the mainstream events there is always the chance to win as long as you know enough about the game to make educated guesses.

Look After Your Cash

Set yourself a budget every week with how much you’re going to bet, don’t go over this and any winning that you make you should put in another pot so even if you lose you’ll come out with some winnings. Another tip is never bet more than 10% of your bank roll on one single bet, if you think its a dead cert then feel free to up it but we try and stick to that amount.

Below is our 10 step program to beating the bookies at their own game:

1. Learn everything you can about your sport

Of course you can look at previous games and see who’s on a good streak but there is more to placing a successful bet than just seeing whos got the best record. If this years premier league is to go off things dont always work out in the bookies favour look at how Leicester City dominated. You should be looking at how well both their offense and defensive play has been and whether their recent success is a product of luck or actual skill.

This applies to all sports that you might be betting on, is there anything that isn’t directly related to the game which could affect their performances such as relationship or financial problems this can all weigh in the mind of a professional sports athlete.

Researching all of this before hand can give you the edge over the bookies as these tend to be the areas that are overlooked and will help you spot good value bets.

2. Dont always back the favourite

While this is a pretty obvious tip you’d be surprised at how many bettors consistently back the favourite to win each and every time, take a look at the recent game between Iceland and England, obviously its England who come out the clear favourite in this game but they still ended up losing 2-1 despite being on top throughout the majority of the game.

England would’ve been backed all day long by punters and they would’ve lost all of their money. Sometimes its worth considering an outsider to win every so often as you may be pleasantly surprised even if it does involve you backing it at a bookies and then laying at an exchange to ensure you’re covered.



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